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Why Tartan?

We are a fresh new Digital Marketing Agency based in Glasgow, providing marketing services to businesses throughout the UK. Our senior team has been on the digital marketing scene for more than 10 years, and we thrive on using our experience in website development and online marketing campaigns to help start-ups and scaling businesses on a budget do more for less. 
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of digital marketing services to our clients based in Glasgow, and across the UK. Our aim is to increase your brand recognition by helping you to create a strong online presence that will help you grow. 

Just some of the services we think you'll love...

At Tartan, we work with you to understand where the gaps are in your marketing and create a custom package that won't cost the earth

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Marketing Consultancy

Know you need help but don't know where to start? We hear you! 
Tartan digital marketing services offer marketing consultancy services to businesses in Glasgow and throughout the UK. We provide you with a full suite of marketing services; from developing your business into a brand to media reporting and analysis and/or creating short, mid, and long-term digital marketing strategies to accelerate your business. It all begins with a conversation.

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Feel like your website looks dated?

Did you know the average lifecycle of a website is just 3 years before it starts to look tired and dated? 
Make an impact online with Tartan. We know that a beautifully designed website can help a business but a website that can convert can transform a business. See how we can help make your website into a lead-generation machine today!

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Lovely site but no one can find you?

Each and every day more than three billion people go to Google and other search engines for information, products, services, news, and more. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows web searchers to find what they are looking for through the use of keywords and optimised content.
If you are not optimised for the search engines what does it matter what you are saying if no one is there to see it. Let us help boost your SEO today!

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Social media, what's the hype?

.6Having an active business presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more is vital in today’s digital world.
Tartan has some really great social media marketing experts who will improve your brand awareness and engage and grow your audience on the platforms that are right for you and your audience. We will help you do this without costing the earth!

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paid media - social, google ads, bing ads and more...

In order to get the conversion, the key is to make sure your brand shows up for the right keywords at the right time, with the right message and corresponding landing pages. There are a lot of moving parts to PPC and it can get overwhelming quickly.
But that’s why we’re here! We’ve been building pay-per-click campaigns since the first ads were live. Our in-house campaign set-up strategy has been praised by Google & clients for years – helping simplify management and set up pay-per-click programs for massive growth.

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